A message from our Founder

My name is Larissa, and I’m the founder of Neon Coat and a model. I would like to share with you why I started this project.

Being a model isn’t always easy — not many people really understand who we are or what our lives are like. Young models arrive in New York with visions of stardom as a professional model, but the reality they face as they embark on their career is far less glamorous. As the media has extensively documented, young models deal with a variety of problems, from cramped model apartments to unsavory promoters to late payments to unsafe working conditions. And in a city where they just arrived with no family or friends, they largely deal with these problems alone.

In pondering this situation, I realized the modeling industry needed a safer and larger network. For in spite of all these struggles, when I think about the amazing models I’ve met throughout my career, I tend to reflect on the wonderful qualities that have united us. We are bright and talented, passionate about the arts and motivated to contribute positively to the world. It all got me wondering: is there a way to unify us with one voice? Could there be a platform to connect our community through common interests and experiences? As the wheels were turning...Neon Coat was born!

Neon Coat is a groundbreaking new app made just for us! NC offers a whole new world of complimentary first-class experiences, free premium merchandise, and inspiring volunteer opportunities—right at your fingertips! High-end restaurants, nights out with friends, luxury beauty treatments, uplifting charitable events, and so much more with our safe and trusted network of partners. Neon Coat stands for having fun, enjoying life, and creating a community to promote the common good.

We encourage you to invite your model friends to strengthen the community and enjoy the offers together. Choose what you love on NC, experience it, share it—inform the world about the things you love.